Slidedown Box For Blogger

<< Preview >>

<< Feature >>
  • On Mouse Over Menu Slides Down
  • An Image pops up
  • A list of Sub menu slides from left 

<< Code >>
CSS Code :-
Javascript/JQuery :-


<< Full HTML Code >>

<< How to Add this >>

Step 1:- Open Dashboard and Click on "Template"
Step 2:- Click on "Edit HTML"
Step 3:- Click on "Proceed"
Step 4:- Press CTRL + F and type body
Step 5:- Paste The Javascript/JQuery from above just before the body Tag
Step 6:- Click on "Save Template"
Step 7:- Add HTML code from above in your body Tag where you want this menu to appear and Click on "Save Template"

Step 8:- After Saving Template, Click on "Close"
Step 9:- Now, Click on "Layout"
Step 10:- Click on "Add a Gadget"
Step 11:- Add "HTML/Javascript" Gadget to your Blog
Step 12:- Copy and Paste the above CSS in Content Area
Step 13:- Click on "Save" and You're Done.

<< Thanks >>

    Mary Lou
    For Jquery and CSS Tutorial 

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