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Circle dock is a highly customerized circular menu to quickly access your favourite programs. It also comes with beautiful appearance and behavior.

        "If the Start menu in Windows is not enough for you, you can try an alternative menu like Circle Dock to access your favorite programs.
        Circle Dock is a circle-shaped menu that can be easily customized with direct shortcuts to your most frequently used programs and folders. Once installed on your system, you can quickly start adding new shortcuts by dragging and dropping them on the circle – though you'll need to confirm a dialog window for each one.
        The settings menu in Circle Dock includes a handful of options with which you can configure both the program's appearance and behavior. That said, changing Circle Dock's interface is a lengthy process; instead of changing every single element one by one, it would be easier to pick a skin that would change everything in one click.
        Circle Dock can be easily displayed and hidden with customizable keyboard combinations, so that it stays out of the way when you don't need it.
        If you're tired of the standard Start menu or Quick Launch menu in Windows, try Circle Dock instead: an alternative menu for your favorite apps."
- by Elena Santos about Circle Dock ( Softonic review )

Circle Dock is best dock ever. It has got lots of editable features :-
  • Background
  • Shape
  • Radius of circle
  • Changing of Center Image
  • Full Transparency
Software Details
Title : Circle Dock
Current Version : 0.9.2 Alpha 8.2
File Name :
File Size : 11.9 MB
License: Free Software
Requirement : Windows XP/Vista/7
Language : Multiple Languages
Last Review: 28-06-2012

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